Dyer Well Drilling & Service, Inc., Provides a Full Range of Services
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Providing a Full-Range of Services

Dyer Well Drilling & Service, Inc., provides a full-range of services for residential, commercial, and municipal customers including:

Well Drilling

New Pump Replacement

Pressure Tank Repair & Replacement

Underground Repairs

Well Upgrade & Repair

Well Abandonment Plugging



Yard Hydrants

Well Chlorination & Disinfection

Well-Head and Cap

Preventative Maintenance & Consultation

Water Quality Testing

Water quality testing is one of the best ways to ensure quality well water for your entire family.  There is no single measure that constitutes good water quality.  When conducting water quality testing we consider its intended use and problems associated with the unique situation.
Good quality drinking water is free of disease causing bacteria and harmful chemicals.  There is a big difference between “pure” water and “safe” drinking water.  Safe drinking water may contain naturally occurring minerals and still may be considered high quality.  A correct water quality test can determine how good your water is and Dyer Well Drilling & Service, Inc. can provide the proper water analysis upon request.