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Artesian WellDyer Well Drilling is a full service well water, drilling, irrigation and pump service company!  Water quality is an important part of life and health.  The best water quality comes from exacting water quality testing and high standards of water well drilling by well-trained and supervised personnel.

Michael Dyer and his co-workers at Dyer Well Drilling & Service, Inc. strive to make customer satisfaction the top priority. The employees go above and beyond to make sure homeowners and businesses are aware of the water well drilling process and the mechanics involved.

Dyer Well Drilling & Service, Inc. has been in business since 1973, and is owned by Michael D. Dyer.

TestimonialCurrently, we employ eight well drillers, pump installers, and service workers. Overall, the company employs eighteen knowledgeable and professional employees.

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Water Wells

A water well in Michigan by Dyer Well Drilling is a lot more than a simple hole in the ground.  Great skill and experience are required to guide and control a water well drill as it penetrates sand, gravel, clay and even solid rock.  A water well drill can weigh several tons and enormous pressures are generated.  Once water is struck, careful attention is necessary.

You can depend on Dyer Well Drilling for quality and experience and to ensure that your new water well delivers cool pure water for years to come.

Dyer Well Drilling

Professional service crew with over 15 years combined experience

Radio dispatched, fully stocked service vehicles for prompt attention

Lightning damage insurance work

Preventative maintenance

Shallow well, deep well, submersible

We service all makes and models

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